IELTS Preparation

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Instructor-led Classroom Learning - Virtual Learning

Duration: 6 months


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With this programme, you will be studying to improve your IELTS score for academic and professional purposes. IELTS scores serve to demonstrate your English level to potential businesses and universities and can help secure visas for working and travelling. Prepare with qualified IELTS teachers who have helped many students reach their required scores. With this course, You’ll learn techniques to develop all four key English skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking (including pronunciation) to raise your English level before the exam. You will also prepare and practise common questions and tasks in the IELTS exam.
Course Code:
Course Duration: 6 Months
Course Level: B1-C1
Minimum Age: 16
Lesson Per Week:15/20
Lesson Day:Monday - Friday
Morning Sessions: 09.00 AM-12.00 PM
Afternoon Sessions: 01:15 PM-4:15 PM
Tuition Fees
  •  Understand the IELTS Academic exam
  •  Feel more confident when you take the exam
  •  Use a range of academic language and communicate more fluently
  •  Think critically and express your opinions in both written and spoken English
  •  Use strategies and techniques to help improve all four skills –listening, reading, writing, speaking.
  • Our teachers modify the curriculum for the needs and levels of each class. This means your lessons will be designed with your progression in mind. These lessons will provide you with the targeted focus you need to achieve your desired IELTS score.

    •   10 live online group lessons with your teacher in a virtual classroom
    •  5 live online lessons of group guided project work, including exam practice
    •  A wide range of motivating materials, including digital resources and coursebooks
    •  Access to our online learning platform and a range of self-study materials
    •  Regular targeted support from your teacher helps you to achieve your learning goals.
    This online course is for students who are looking to attain their highest possible academic IELTS score. You will be placed in an online class with people of a similar language level as you. The course is perfect for those who need expert language tuition wherever they are in the world.
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